How To Write Effective SEO Copy

If you want your web content to rank high in the search engines, you need to develop some new copywriting skills because you are not only writing for people, you are writing for the search engines. SEO or Search Engine Optimization copywriting involves taking your already reader-friendly content and massaging it in specific ways so that the search engines can find it.

Use the Right Amount of Keyword

The way to do this is to use the right keywords in your copy. This is not, as you may think, “keyword stuffing” – shoehorning a number of synonyms into written content solely to attract more search engine hits. Websites that do overstuff keywords into their content are actually punished by big search engines such as Yahoo!, Bing and Google.

The art of SEO copywriting blends good-quality writing with the proper amount of keywords and phrases used in with your relevant text. The principal difference between SEO copywriting and regular copywriting is that as well as being readable and appealing to people, the SEO copy must also be attractive to search engines.

Several important items have to be kept in mind with SEO copy-writing, though it is really not that complicated. You must utilize keywords which are important for your market segment and which engender a reaction from the search engines, when you create your copy. What kinds of keywords are we talking about?

Make Your Content Interesting

Usually, these keywords include the name of your website for which you’re writing the copy, and as well as other related keywords such as the main buzz words and the products sold on the website. With Google and other major search engines, your site ranks higher based on the number of keywords you have located in the right places. However, the challenge is to intertwine these keywords in such a way that it makes the content appealing. Simply keeping a basic sheet of keywords will not get the job done. Instead, you will need to guarantee that your copy has strong appeal, interesting content and in no way denotes that it is spam. Looking much like a typical website’s content and yet far stronger, solid SEO copy writing is not usually so simple to detect.

Only informative, accurate, interesting SEO copy will distinguish you from your competition and invite a noticeable response from customers within your niche. One way to do this is to work with other people who are familiar with your product or service, as they can give advice and information that will strengthen your content. They don’t have to write the content but they can work together with you or your copywriter to bring in more depth to the content and make it more informative. This union of minds can help your copywriter to produce content that not only provides illuminating, accurate information, but it will hook your site visitors, who will stick around to read more.

Make it Natural to Read

Finally, avoid using your keywords to excess, which is one of the most frequent flaws in SEO copywriting. The rule is that good keyword density will provoke the results you’re after. This is the prevailing wisdom. But when you overdo this, your content loses that authentic touch and becomes hard to read. With the exception of that, you definitely won’t want to wind up with castigations of spamming from the search engines you use.